We are a company to help companies and multinational corporations but most importantly help "you" with the new ways of working and cooperating with the community and broaden the social production and the dragon gate.

In the past 3 years Bridgeit.it co. has developed a framework of social productions to help the organizations to design and use their projects effectively and efficiently. Our framework is based on chat collaborations as well as case studies, landscape data collection and analysis. We bring together the people from different cultural backgrounds to understand how social production can be affectively utilized.

Our main idea in China is to bring the young and talented emerging fashion designers from Europe to the countries full of potential like China. Our covering matters are creativity, innovations, community management to help with user's experience. We help the fashion designers to create annual public events and introduce them with potential buyers from China as well organize custom private workshops. So, what makes us so unique? We are the first of its kind organization that is building a bridge and giving a platform to the people who have lost their faith or are struggling to survive in the economically stricken Europe. We are the hope for the young generation and they are our hope. We give the full autonomy to the artists to explore and create their talents and mature in their own creative ways and get experience and at the same time providing them an international platform to represent themselves and their art.



- Project Management
- Event Management
- Advertisement


- Promoting
- Consulting for Far Asia Countries
- Management Event & Fair Internationally


This is a small selection of some of our recent projects that we have created for our clients in order to promote their distinctive brands and stunning creations to the Chinese market during the project Tianjin Fashion Week. We make innovation, colorful, creative and efficiently international event. We focus on our client satisfaction, on collaborators trust, on user experience. Our framework and non conventional great ideas make our project unique and unforgivable. Contact us today to join for more.


Tianjin Fashion Week 2012
Backstage photoshooting
Fall Spring/Summer
outfit by Tiziana Capillo
brand Korai


Photoshooting by Fan&Fun Magazine
Fall Autumn/Winter
outfit by Maria Concetta Finella
brand MC Finella


Backstage photoshooting
outfit MC FInella

Backstage photoshooting

Tianjin Fashion Week
Fall Autumn/Winter
outifit by Ginevra Cupellini
brand Nessuna 158

Tianjin Fashion Week

RuiFuXiang - traditional Chinese fashion designer -
during the catwalk is designing on the outfit


Backstage photoshooting
Chinese model of Fan&Fun Magazine
dressing the Fall Autumn/Winter
outfit by MC Finella


Our contributors are the heart and soul of our projects. We want to create more and more projects nationwide and worldwide. To do that we are interested in creating more collaborations and look for venture capital. Here is the small lists of our past clients, collaborators and sponsors.

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For general inquiries: info@bridgeit.it
For projects inquiries: projects@bridgeit.it